A tribute to ARREARS!


‘Adhi Maedhavigal’ will be a tribute to all the people who were students having arrears at some point in life and depicting what they faced in reality to get it cleared. Each department in a college has its own expressions, characteristics and terminologies, despite all the drama and differences they all come together as one common aspect connects them – ARREARS. Based on this connect debutante Director D Ranjith Manikandan (Assistant of Veteran Filmmaker Bhagyaraj) has conceptualized a slapstick comic movie called ‘Adhi Maedhavigal.’
‘Adhi Maedhavigal’ (Utmost Nerds) produced by Malcolm under the banner ‘Absolute Pictures’ gives birth to a brand new genre in Tamil cinema, ‘FRI-COM’ (Friendship Comedy) with the film starring Sun Music VJ Suresh Ravi and Ishaara Nair of ‘Sadhuranga Vettai’ fame in the lead with Thambi Ramaiya, Livingston, Renuka, Madhu (Goli Soda) and Kalloori Vino (Maari Fame) in pivotal roles. ‘Adhi Maedhavigal’ has been carved to perfection by a bunch of talented technicians which include Cinematographer Vishnu Shri (Assistant of Balasubramanian), Music Director Duo Adhitiya – Soorya (AR Rahman Students – KM School) and Editor Dinesh Ponraj (Gethu fame).
‘Adhi Maedhavigal’ is a film focussing on the life of college students who hate to hear the word ‘Arrears’ but in reality, most of them live with it. Arrears do not define or measure the actual potential of anyone, but sadly it has a direct influence on a student’s academic and social life. There are so many classic examples of people who have not only had arrears but have been drop-outs in college but reached out to great heights in the scale of success. How much these arrears matter to and affect the life of middle class fun-loving students and what they go through to get through is the concept of the film. ‘Adhi Maedhavigal’ is all about two Engineering students named Vikram and Suji and their arrears. ‘Adhi Maedhavigal’ is dedicated to all the students with arrears…. including me. I am indeed grateful to my producer Malcolm for giving me the confidence and support to come out with such a unique concept for a debut film. Every student and every other individual who has gone through the ‘Student life’ will definitely connect to the movie says ‘Adhi Maedhavigal’ director D Ranjith Manikandan in a ‘PASS’itive tone.