A Woman’s Heart: Rashmi Pillai’s film takes on modern dating


Modern dating is complicated. It involves multiple activities of waiting, second-guessing, over-analysing and holding back. But are these strategic moves really necessary? Why is it that we become more afraid of love as we grow up? Should we fear love?

The impurities of the world have made us so wary of everything, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. It is an eternal search for your partner and some people tend to enjoy the journey more than the destination. It is the modern adage to start downloading dating apps and go on multiple dates to find a life partner.

This brings complete strangers closer to one another, which probably would have been an improbability had these online platforms been absent. People are wary of calls, and texts are the only way of communication. You text for days and maybe weeks before actually meeting one another. But do you really know the person you are going on a date with?

Rashmi Pillai takes on the aspect of modern dating with her upcoming short film, A Woman’s Heart. The film tells the story of a guy and a girl, and is a satirical commentary of modern dating. Rashmi is known in the Singaporean art community for her diverse works in theatre, particularly for her dexterity in dealing with mythological stories, epics and big budget productions. This is her directorial debut for the screen.

Film personalities like Gautham Vasudev Menon have highly praised Rashmi’s theatre work, even citing some “to put certain Indian films to shame”.

For the cast, Rashmi has teamed up with Sreyus Palliyani, who was lead for her most recent theatre production at Singapore’s Gateway theatre, Ramarasam (2018), an adaptation of the Indian epic Ramayana. Sreyus Palliyani, an author and martial artist, is known for his thriller novels including the critically acclaimed Gabriati: Rise of the Preceptor (2016) and is an expert at Kalari, Kobudo, Okinawan Karate and Taekwondo. The female lead is Kriti Aggarwal, who is a debutante for the screen.

The movie is penned by Dheeraj Sugathan, a writer based in U.A.E. and the U.K. This is Dheeraj’s debut screen story. When asked for a description, he simply replied that the story revolves around a date and a guy trying to steal a woman’s heart.

Sajin Ravi, who also worked as technical head for Ramarasam, is on board for the project as Editor and SFX director. Lijesh Karunakaran and Jovin Jose completed cinematography for the film.

The movie completed principal filmography in November 2018, and is set for a Valentine’s day release.

The film premiered on YouTube under the channel ‘A Woman’s Heart’ at 8:00 PM Singapore Standard time (GMT+8) on Wednesday, February 13 2019, and is available for streaming on the link below.