Amazon chooses India to test its Prime Air delivery drones


The electronic commerce giant Amazon is planing to test its new  delivery methods using drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, according to media reports.The online retailer has been unable to trial the service in its native US due to legislation restricting the use of drones over populated areas.India is yet to formally draw up laws limiting drone usage, allowing Amazon to carry out over-the-air deliveries in Mumbai and Bangalore. The US-based e-tailer will debut its drone delivery service with trials in the two cities where it has warehouses, the sources said on condition of anonymity.

Seattle-based Amazon, founded by  Jeff Bezos, is challenging Flipkart for leadership of India's online retail market, which is estimated by Crisil to be worth Rs 50,000 crore by 2016. Recently Flipkart has raised fresh capital of $1 billion which followed by Amazon investing $2 billion showing the huge potential of electronic commerce market in India. If Amazon uses the innovative way of  drones to deliver their packages, it will be a huge publicity coup for the US-based electronic commerce giant, helping it upstage Flipkart.

In the US, the use of "model aircraft" for commercial purposes has been prohibited since 2007.However, Mumbai police have expressed concerns that the flying contraptions could be used to carry bombs if they become commonplace, reports Ubergizmo. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation said it was not aware of any such plan by Amazon. Drone operators in India said they don't obtain permits from DGCA for purposes such as aerial photography, surveying sites and wild life protection.
Amazon's Prime Air Drone is an octocopter, a UAV fitted with eight rotors and weighs 25kg, is capable of carrying up to 2.26kg at speeds of 80kph. The Drone will carry a payload of up to 2.26 kg, which covers 86% of products sold on Amazon.