Be Yourself : Stay Happy Being The ‘You’ That You Are


"Look, You should never be one of those girls…

Those burning-hot, plastic girls, who can convey a hundred thoughts with just one glance.

You should never be that unveiled, so called 'flawless' chick, that men tag 'Irresistible'."

The world will not always be served to you, in a silver platter with a gold lining.

You might be that one girl, who takes 100 selfies but then deletes 99 of them and then you would find yourself looking at that 'one picture ,until, your mind says, a big NO.' 

You might never fit in your jeans without wiggling yourself all the way in, and dancing like a mad tribesman, unless you decide to upgrade. Nor would you have had a proper dinner without spilling your food. You might be clumsy, nerdy and a little strange. You might be one of those girls, who would throw away all those late-night-planned-diet schedules right into the dustbin at the heavenly sight of a perfectly scorched choco-lava cake.

Neither do you drink nor smoke and people may laugh at you all the time, just because you are not 'cool' in their terms. You may crack lame jokes and talk too loud. Yet, you yearn to be like those girls. The ones who always whisper, who can wear belly tops and high waisted pants, like, those women in the commercials or Scarlett Johansson in anything. Maybe you tried to be like these women for a while.

Maybe you stopped talking and just sat there in your new tight dress and high heels, trying to look perfect.
Maybe you hung out with a lot of “perfect” people and dated cool guys with great style who never tripped or told you an inappropriate joke.
And then, after days, months or years of trying to hide your flaws and imperfection, you probably learned a very valuable lesson about perfect people… They’re not real. They are people pretending to be perfect and hiding who they really are. In fact, you learn that they are boring to the core.

You may not have the perfect hourglass shape or hair that effortlessly cascades down your shoulders. Personality is something you yearn for, something you don’t take for granted. Yet while you’re wishing you had straight hair, or a perfect shape, others wish they had your charm, your inability to be dull.

You are hilarious, a refreshing gust of air, and the only honest one in the room with the balls to admit she’s flawed.

People envy you. They envy that comfort you have with yourself. They envy that you don’t need Instagram filters or tight dresses to be attractive. They envy that you can make people laugh, tell jokes to a crowd and talk for yourself.

They envy you because you live your life completely, with the confidence to put yourself out there (whether you want to or not).

They envy you, because for them, you are happy being the 'You' that you are.  PS:  So, Be Yourself and be happy the way you are, because there is no one like you in this world.