Bhaskar’s Academy’s Facade on 20 & 21st May 2017


After the successful world premiere in Chennai, India, FACADE debuts in Singapore on 20 & 21 May 2017 at Goodman Arts Centre. Bhaskar’s Arts Academy’s resident dancer/choreographer Neewin Hershall weaves his stage-versus-self story in this solo dance-theatre production.

“The lights on my self, the suspension of time as I move, the applause or criticisms after – for all the world to witness. I am likened to Shiva on-stage. But how much of that matters off-stage? Who am I really when the lights are gone?”

FACADE explores the untold story of a dancer’s life through a multimedia, bharatanatyam-theatre production.

“I’ve been working on this theme for a couple of years now – conceptualising the scenes and  visualising the final product. Although it is the first time I’m exploring with multimedia and theatre, I think sometimes, we just need to move out of our comfort zones and try something new. I am very  happy with how it has all turned out,” says Neewin Hershall.

Neewin Hershall

As a dancer, Neewin took Singapore by storm in 2008 with Crossroads. Since then, he has given   numerous impeccable performances in works such as Manohra (2009), Purnima (2011), Anubhava (2013) and Rasa & Dhwani (2013). Commanding respect and leaving an impression are his trademark styles as exemplified by his much-talked-about solo work Rudram (2010). With his strength and sculpturesque form, Neewin is often the  envy of many a male dancer. A Kalakshetra alumnus, Neewin also did a stint at the much-acclaimed Nrityagram in Bangalore before he decided to make Singapore his home.


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20 & 21 May 2017, 7.30 pm

Goodman Arts Centre

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