COVID Times Creative -Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Poem By Fauziah Shah


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe! By Fauziah Shah

Did you ever wonder why?
Some get infected, but some don’t;
Some recover, but a few just die.
Are you eager to know why?
It’s because of your immune system!

Strengthen your immune system, and
Everything will work for you…….
It’s not about the antibiotics or the anti-virals
Nor the latest vaccines!
It’s all about your immune system!

So look to boost your immune system
Through a few simple steps:
Ensure your immunity is always high!
Time to lead a healthy lifestyle,
And say ‘No’ to all diseases.

Did you ever wonder how?
Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
Sleep early at night and wake up early.
What else can you do to stay healthy?
Eat good food and consume enough water.

How can you boost your Immunity?
Remain happy and stay positive:
Say goodbye to Stress & Anxiety.
Wear masks and wash your hands, but
What helps is your strong Immune System!

Exercise to strengthen your Immune System,
But it’s not just about your physical health,
But mental and Emotional Health too!
Be positive and attract positivity;
Stay healthy, Stay Safe!

Written by Fauziah Shah, MA, BCH, CI, CPHI
President, AHPS
Association of Hypnosis Professionals Singapore
Director/ Senior Counsellor & Psychotherapist
PETRA Hypnosis & Training Centre Pte Ltd

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