Former President S R Nathan launches new book


In a ceremony attended by who is who of Singapore, the latest book written by Shri.SR.Nathan the past President of Singapore was launched  at Singapore Management University by presenting a copy  Minister for law Mr. Shanmugham.

Shi. SR.Nathan was the longest serving President of Singapore who served for two continuous terms up to 2011.

Few people have watched the development of Singapore as closely as SR Nathan. Born into humble circumstances, he experienced destitution and Japanese Occupation. After the war he embarked on a lifetime of public service. Having earned a university diploma as an adult student, he worked as a seamen's  welfare officer, and then as a trade union mediator. There followed a very distinguished career as a civil servant, notably in the foreign affairs and defense  ministries, and as a diplomat- not to mention a spell as executive chairman of Strait Times Press. At an age when most people contemplate retirement, he served two full term as President of Singapore.

In a series of informal, wide-ranging interviews conducted specially for this book, Mr.Nathan reflects on modern Singapore, its history, and its extraordinary achievements. He shares vivid recollections of some pioneering nation builders, and warns of the real challenges that he sees confronting both government and people today.