Esplanade Presents | Kalaa Utsavam – Indian Festival of Arts / 2017

By Mudiyettu Sangham Keezhillam (India)
In association with Soorya (Singapore)

Mudiyettu is a traditional ritual art, a theatrical performing art from Kerala.It enacts the mythological tale of the fierce battle between Goddess Kali and Demon Darika. Mudiyettu is listed in UNESCO’s Representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

This ritualistic art form is presented in Bhagvathi (Goddess) temples of Central Kerala.It is a community event in which the entire village participates.

Images of ‘Bhadra Kali ’ (Goddess) are drawn on the floor of the Temple with natural colours, which is called Kalamezhuthu.

Mudiyettu involves elaborate costumes, facial makeup and fire.

Pic Courtesy : Thulasi Kakkat

With musicians, percussionists, performers and Kalamezhuthu; Mudiyettu is happening in Singapore.

Date: 17th, 18th, & 19th of Nov ( Fri – Sun)
Time : 6.45 pm & 8.15 pm (each presentation to be of 45 mins)
Where: The Edge (Esplanade Waterfront)

Admission : FREE !!!

The story is enacted as three segments over three days.

Mudiyettu is happening for the first time in Singapore !!!