Papilio Buddha in Darpan Film Festival Singapore


Papilio Buddha, which created furore for a controversial speech, is now a favourite of many international film festivals. . After visiting various film festivals and winning several film critic awards, the movie has been selected for Darpan Film Festival Singapore 2013 to be held on 5-7th of September. The movie will be screened in The Arts House”  -at 7:30 PM Friday 6th September. The film will be screened in “Indian regional language film” section.

Written and directed by Jayan CherianPapilio Buddha tells the story of a group of displaced dalits in the Western Ghats. It brings into focus an example of the epic land struggles which are fought in regions all over India, and also maps the environmental degradation and abuse of pristine mountain habitats by outside forces.

Malayalam-language film has been refused a censor certificate initially from the CBFC for its content denigrating Mahatma Gandhi, visuals of extreme violence against a woman & severe use of expletives, and a controversial speech in it by Ambedkar where Gandhi's motives are questioned. It was granted censorship later on, after the speech was muted.


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The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429

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