Social media and Social Cohesion!

M n M Fashionista

Here was a bunch of exuberant ladies, ‘Supermoms’, a bunch of equally excited little ones trying hard not to let their mothers down, so trying their best to give their moms the maximum support they could muster and equally supportive Dads trying to help their families in all possible ways.


And the event went like this: mothers walking down the ramp with their children attired in ethnic costumes or in combinations of matching colours, dance, music, skits all rolled out to fit the theme, “Mom and Me”.

The programme ‘M n M Fashionista’ or ‘Mom n Me Fashionista’ was put together by another bunch of energetic ‘Supermoms’ running 6 Facebook groups and two blogs amongst them.

Of the 6 Facebook groups, SINdiapore, which was set up in 2012 by Shubhada Bhide and Saraswathi Iyer and now boasts of having 9780 members, had taken the initiative for organising this family gathering.

“Facebook groups like Indian Inspirational Ladies, and Singapore Residents founded by Kavitha Singh and Singapore Super Mommies by Reshma Mohan were co-organizers. Anu of DeDanceStar joined too and helped with choreography and event planning,” explained Saraswathi Iyer who manages the admin of the group and also runs the Facebook group MyFashion Collections, an online shopping store, and is a food blogger at

For the M n M Fashionista they had about 40 ladies participating along with their families. With 175 people registering, publicity was done through their Facebook sites with many of the regular users of their sites joining in.

“Though the Facebook groups are commercially useful as different business entrepreneurs post advertisements on SINdiapore and others and promote their products and services yet the focus is on mingling with members virtually and in real life. We would say our Facebook groups are the virtual friends of our readers. We see many new residents of Singapore seeking answers from groceries to rentals. We try to help each other as much as we can,” expressed Shubhada, who is also an IT Professional and Parenting, Lifestyle and Food blogger at

Farah Tehseen, one of the participants who had presented a charming skit with her son and won a prize in the Talent Show and had enjoyed being there, said, “I came to know of the programme through Facebook. I came up with the idea of this skit and my family helped me to develop it.”

So through such initiatives, the Facebook groups and their active founders prove how social media can help to contribute as a vital tool for social and family bonding.

The programme M n M Fashionista was held on 30th July 2016, at Grand Imperial Hotel at Belilios Road, Singapore.