(un)focused: Then Now Beyond – An Exhibition of Paintings by Deepa Madan


Singapore-based artist Deepa Madan will be holding her maiden solo exhibition at the Museum of Kerala History, Ernakulam, Kerala from 28 – 30 May 2023.

About the Artist

Deepa’s experiments with colours on canvas are expressions of what she sees around her and her inner thoughts and feelings. Nature and culture set her deep in thought and their harmony and dichotomy inspire her. There is elegance, poetry, and truth in what she presents, arising from the freshness she draws from her own travels and experiences. Deepa creates a world that is positive and inviting through an impressionistic perspective, encouraging viewers to connect with her art.

 As an Education Officer with the Ministry of Education in Singapore, teaching keeps her going but painting makes her feel alive and complete. She has participated in art exhibitions in Singapore since 2014 and enjoys working with oil, acrylic and mixed media.

Deepa believes that art can make a difference in the lives of people. In 2018, her artworks found worthy homes and the proceeds were donated towards the Kerala flood relief drive held in Singapore. Her work is also part of a permanent collection, ‘Mosaic@75’ at the High Commission of India in Singapore.

About the Exhibition

The exhibition ‘(un)focused: Then Now Beyond’ is a celebration of Deepa’s passion for art and self-expression. Her nature paintings are a reflection of the ‘tangible exterior’ that influence what she sees and feels directly. They showcase the ‘physical world’ and how it can impact our state of mind.

The ‘intangible exterior’ that influences our perception of people and surroundings is portrayed in her cultural paintings – the world seen through the lens of humanity, history, and culture. These paintings are influenced by her childhood with the ancient art forms and structures of Kerala, her many years spent in Singapore with its multi-cultural society, and her travels around the world seen through the similarities that exist across borders despite diversity of language, traditions, and people.

Deepa’s abstract paintings depict the ‘inner world’, and how the tangible as well as intangible physical surroundings affect our emotions and state of mind, which in turn affect the way we view and appreciate our physical world. Our internal and external worlds collide and bleed into each other, each perspective derived from the other, never truly separate.