World Premiere of “NAVODAYA – Brink of Hope” on 1st & 2nd July 2016


Internationally acclaimed dancer Shantha Ratii presents her latest dance theatre production, Navodaya – Brink of Hope, a thought-provoking piece that combines classical Indian dance styles, spoken word, visual media, and music to address the environmental issues we are facing today, such as climate change.

Through the themes of abundance and deprivation, Navodaya delves into Man’s consumption behaviour and how it is not only steadily depleting Earth’s natural resources but also damaging our ecosystem. The piece also articulates a desire to reestablish the harmony that we had with nature centuries ago.

Inspiring her work are the Sanskrit words pratikraman (awareness and resurgence) and its antonym atikraman (degradation as a result of excess and greed).

Through this work, Shantha strives to inspire empathy and action to effect change.

Event Schedule:

Date:              Friday, 1st & Saturday, 2nd July 2016.

Venue:           Esplanade Theatre Studio

Time:             8pm

Tickets:         Sistic Box Office