XPressions world premiere on 12th & 13th April


An eclectic mix of tradition and innovation, of values and openness, and of acceptance and respect, XPressions features music compositions by world-renowned musician, classical flautist and composer BV Balasai, dance choreography by forward-thinking Cultural Medallion winner Santha Bhaskar and the much sought-after Bhaskar’s Orchestra.

The music and dance production showcases a unique inclusion of orchestration in traditional music, which although common in western music circles, is a progressive concept in Indian classical music or dance. It also infuses the contemporary use of movement and space in Bharathanatyam, one of the oldest classical dance forms in India.


Uphold the timeless values of the generations before us? Or think and do what current-day influences tell us to? Perhaps we can do both…

XPressions is an expression of the constant struggle faced by the youth of today – to steadfastly believe in traditions and values ingrained through the generations, or to assimilate and go with the flow of external influences. It is also reflective of the artistic dilemma faced by many traditional arts groups – to stay true to tradition, or to innovate and create to appease the demands of the constantly changing audience.

Through its contemporary presentation and yet traditional underpinnings, XPressions explores the merging of opposing thoughts, and how a constantly evolving and yet balanced union is possible. Current-day youth as well as arts groups can have the best of both worlds – all it takes is the acceptance that external influences are not necessarily negative, and the acknowledgement that tradition is not necessarily crippling.


Date: 12 Apr 2013 (Fri) & 13 Apr 2013 (Sat)

Time: 8.00pm

Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio

Tickets: $30

Available from: Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society (6336 6537)

Bhaskar’s Arts Academy Ltd (6396 4523)

Watch XPressions Trailer Here!