One-night only world premiere of “Vinayaka” on 16 October 2016


A newly metamorphosed Vinayaka is set to make its one-night only world premiere here. The simple and familiar tale of how the Hindu God Ganesha came to have an elephant’s head will be presented in a cross-cultural collaboration by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, Sasana Budaya Art Troupe (Indonesia) and Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble (Singapore).

Vinayaka was first staged in 2003 and then again in 2005 by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy purely in the Bharatanatyam style. The reworked piece with Balinese elements made its world premiere in Bali in 2010. Now it has taken a new form with Bharatanatyam and Javanese movements under the artistic direction of Santha Bhaskar, as well as choreographers Meenakshy Bhaskar and Santi Dwisaputri. New and exciting sounds can be expected too through the music direction of Ghanavenothan Retnam and Sambowo Agus Herianto.

“I have choreographed this work several times now but each time it feels so new. I connect with it differently each time and it is as if I transform along with the work!” says Meenakshy Bhaskar, who is based in the US.

Because of the distance, collaborating with her Jakarta-based counterpart Santi Dwisaputri was not without challenges according to Meenakshy, but they “clicked from the moment the conversation started” and at some points were “completing one another’s sentences”.

Vinayaka is the first of a three-part series by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy that will present works under the umbrella theme of “Traditional Arts in the Region”. Exciting collaborations with other performing arts troupes from different ASEAN countries can be expected in the upcoming years.

Schedule: VINAYAKA 16 October 2016 (Sun), 7.30 pm SOTA Drama Theatre Admission: $25 & $30

Tickets available via
– Nrityalaya (#04-01 Bras Basah Complex, Tel 63366537)
– email [email protected]
– online at : Purchase Ticket for this Event