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Abiraame Jewellers have several outlets along Serangoon Road and are known for their gem stones gold and silver items.However they have a keen interest in Rudrakshas and Spadigams and operate with a spiritual element  in their business. The owner, Mr Palaniappan, is a lovely, soulful and spiritually evolved  individual and it was indeed a delightful experience having a chat with him about Rudrakshas and Spadigams.He knows his subject well and is radiant with spiritual energy as he  translates the inner wisdom, the benefits and  meaning of wearing a Rudraksha and Spadigam .Mr Palani says, wearing a Rudraksha will bring positive thinking and help eradicate all doubts and negativities. He also says that it is a natural healer for all sorts of chronic diseases. You could scrape the Rudraksha and place it in a glass of water and drink it too .It is believed to have healing properties. Rudraksha can appease a bad circumstance but at the end of the day Mr Palani says the Law of Karma reigns. The law is about cause and effect and if you do good you reap good and vice versa if you do bad he says. He also says that if you commit bad actions even God can’t help you as there are adverse consequences to face for bad karma.So his advice is don’t do   actions the reactions of which you will mourn!

In Abiraame Jewellers they sell high grade Rudrakshas which they import from Nepal and the Himalayan region and also from Indonesia and India. There are many faces of the Rudraksha of which the 21 face is of the highest quality and has the most beneficial effects. He says wearing a Rudraksha can invoke positive traits such as calmness, patience,  confidence, fortitude and strength. Tensions and stresses are also believed to be reduced. As for the Spadigam  Mr Palani says the benefits are also phenomenal like

it further strengthens the positivity within a person. It liberates an individual from all causes of fear or anger.It  is possessed with a strong field of light and energy which provide sonic protection against negative vibrations. It makes one more affectionate and gives him the ability to enjoy life. Also it  is known to fulfill one’s desires in life. Adorning a mala of spadigam or quartz crystal strengthens purpose in life, diminishes stress, supports healing abilities and helps with centering (balancing or soothing). The Spadigam Mala is said to have spiritual powers; it renders peace and calms the stressed mind. This has the capability to reduce body heat. Hence it is worn by people around the neck to keep their body temperatures regulated and minds cool. Spadigam removes excess heat from the body and can also reduce fever. Spadigam Mala helps focus the mind. It also helps relieve headaches and reduces stress and tension by promoting overall healing of the body. It can also cure insomnia and give you undisturbed sleep.


A Rudraksha is the seed of the Eliocarpus Ganitrus tree and plays an important role in a spiritual seeker’s life. Rudraksha is the seed of a particular tree species which usually grows at a certain altitude in the mountains – mainly in the Himalayan region. Unfortunately, most of these trees were used to make railway sleepers, so there are very few of them remaining in India. Today, they are mostly found in Nepal, Burma, Thailand or Indonesia. They are there in some parts of the Western Ghats in South India, but the best quality ones come from a certain altitude in Himalayas because somehow the soil, atmosphere, and everything influences it. These seeds have a very unique vibration. Usually, the big beads are not so vibrant. The smaller the bead the more vibrant it is.

It is also a kind of shield against negative energies. It is possible for some people to use negative energies to cause harm to someone else.. This is a whole science by itself. One Veda, the Atharvana Veda, is all about how to use energies to your advantage and to someone else’s detriment. If somebody who has mastery over this wants to use it, so many things – extreme suffering and even death can be caused.The Rudraksha protects against evil forces,Five-faced beads or panchmukhi is safe and good for everyone – man, woman and child. It is for general wellbeing, health and freedom. It lowers your blood pressure, calms your nerves and brings a certain calmness and alertness in your nervous system. Children below 12 years of age can wear six-faced beads. It will help them calm down and be more focused. Above all they will receive the right type of attention from the adult.

One Hindu legend says that once Lord Shiva opened His eyes after a long period yogic meditation, and because of extreme fulfillment He shed a tear. This single tear from Shiva’s eye grew into the Rudraksha tree. It is believed that by wearing the Rudraksha bead one will have the protection of Lord Shiva. The Rudraksha fruit is blue in colour but turns black when dried. The central hard Rudraksha uni-seed may have 1 to 21 faces.


This precious stone, having inherent divine power, is a natural six flat faced long stick like glassy growth, varying from 1 inch to 10 feet height. These are stony growths inside the earth in Himalaya mountains, Vindhya mountains and Sangagiri.

The vibration of Spadigam is more than that 32768 times per second. These vibrations are useful to ward off the ill effects of navagrahas or planetary conditions and they do good to the wearer.

Puranas describe the Spadigam being a divine stone represent the three forms of goddess sakthi, Lord siva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

In yajur vedha ‘Rudram’ Lord siva is described as ‘Jyothir Spadigamani Linga’. That is Lord Siva manisfests in Jyothi form, Linga form and Spadiga form.

Lord Siva’s divinity is pervading in every atom, neutron and electron of this spadigam. It is good to wear this spadigam beads round the neck for self purification of the soul, the mind and the body.  It is believed that you earn the grace of Lord Shiva.
Quartz is a natural gemstone and has power to retain the energy of mantra chanting. Spadigam protect from negative vibrations and harmonise the aura around us, gives peace of mind and coolness of body. It is beneficial for gaining knowledge of the past, present and future when used for concentration. Wearing a crystal mala ensures a sound and undisturbed sleep. Spadigam mala is best reommended for Japa  or prayer of GoddessLaxmi.


If you are on the spiritual path and want some enlightenment on Rudakshas and Spadigams  why not check out Abiraame Jewellers .They have lots of wisdom in this area. They have a main show room and two other outlets all in Little India and can advise you not only on the benefits of wearing a Rudraksh and Spadigam they can also  help you choose a suitable one . They are experts  and can share something rare, unique, and fulfilling in your spiritual journey  which will be really worth your while!

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