Russian Missile Strike Leaves 16 Dead, Over 50 Injured in Odesa, Ukraine


Ukraine: Ukraine reported that Russian forces had launched a barrage of missiles targeting the Black Sea port city of Odesa, resulting in the deaths of over a dozen individuals, including a paramedic and a rescue worker.

According to local authorities, Russian airstrikes hit residential buildings, vehicles, and a gas pipeline in the area, resulting in the deaths of at least 16 individuals and injuring another 55 people, including rescuers.

Yermak seemed to be alluding to a sequence of deadly Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory, as well as multiple efforts by pro-Kyiv militias to establish control within regions along the Russian border this week.

Russia offered no immediate response to the strikes, despite its forces frequently targeting the transport hub with both drones and missiles.

The strikes coincided with the first day of presidential elections in Russia, a country that is also overseeing the vote in several occupied regions of Ukraine, a situation that has sparked anger in Kyiv.