THE ANGUISH, THE PAIN, THE HORROR- An Analysis on Delhi Gangrape


I am a Singaporean lawyer, writer and author .I  also hold the status of a Person  of Indian Origin and express my views as a PIO of   India. The recent painful news that gripped   Mother India and the International Community of the brave Delhi gang rape victim who fought courageously for her life is an incident that broke the hearts and spirit of   humanity. Nationals of India vented their fury and frustrations   with an uproar of demonstrations all over Delhi demanding for justice and for protection for women of India.

It is hoped that her death in not in vain and will serve to make revolutionary changes to this nation made up predominantly of Hindus. However this article is written for all women of  India regardless of their religious background. Why I highlight Hindus is because  it  is a Goddess worshipping nation where the Mother Goddess or the Goddess of the Universe in the form of  Durga Lakshmi and Sarawathy are venerated. It is basic Vedic knowledge  i.e. the ancient Hindu Scripture  that a  woman is to be given the highest respect as she  is gifted with childbearing by divinity. The first contact  of warmth  and love that any human being experiences  is with his or her mother and the female form is designed by the creator to bring forth innocent babies into this world. The  female anatomy is  created with a  view to  keep the fetus  secure after fertilization which comes from a spiritual union of man and woman in wedlock through the nine month gestation period before  a new born baby comes into this world. This is the sanctity of  a woman’s body which is also locked by mother nature with a hymen only to be unlocked  by the sacred  key given to  her husband in Holy Matrimony. This   body was violated  abused and raped- it  is indeed devastating to the individual that has been raped and to the nation who now mourns “the brave heart “We applaud her fight for life justice and dignity. The Indian Government  and the Judiciary have a  monumental task to change its laws on Rape Penalties in India to deter this sort of  unacceptable behavior that is rampant in the nation of India .Since this painful story  has emerged, more and more rapes have been reported in India as if a diabolical plague has seized  the nation. In this painful period of adversity for her family, the leaders and legislators of India and  for the women of India who have no peace of mind and are in constant fear for their life and dignity, we should also look at the positive side. The Indian government  airlifted  and sent the “brave heart’ Delhi Gang rape Victim  along with her family to give her the best medical treatment in Singapore’s renowned Mount Elizabeth Hospital.  It is fine to blame the leaders of  the nation but in the wake of this tragedy they did their very best which was a source of comfort to the  her grieving parents and family. We give thanks to the doctors of Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi., doctors of  Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore, the  Indian High Commissioner of India in Singapore Dr TCA Raghavan for their indomitable spirit to fight for  the victim . her family and the broken spirit of humanity of the International community that  closely followed the news   and helplessly prayed for her.

Now, this is  where we need  to see revolutionary changes in  rape penalties in India. The  victim has left this world but her cause must  go on for the  women of India in particular and women all over the world. May Mother India make a turn around and impose the stiffest penalties to those who violate, abuse and rape women in India so that the victim who lost her life will not loose her battle in the fight for the dignity of women in India. Legal rights of women have been recognized in the   legislations but there needs to be a cultural metamorphosis where   it is incumbent  on the male gender to  know that women are to be treated with the utmost respect not only their bodies, but also their minds. This is the root of the problem in India. An uphill task but the caste system is now almost extinct so why not a complete turn around in the treatment of women in India?.  Shine the torch women of India .Let there be light , let  there  be a new dawn and may a new era come forth  as regards the rights of Indian women. Set your standards high the battle must go on until the goal is reached .There needs to be reform in laws and its enforcement and India should show zero tolerance for abuse of women in any form   for that matter. Only then will a revolution take place in the status of women in   Indian society, in the workplace and in the home too.

There is promise  in the words of the condolence message of Dr Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India.
“Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday condoled the death of the Delhi gang-rape victim and expressed the hope that the entire political class and civil society will set aside narrow sectional interests and agenda to make India a demonstrably safer place to live in… “I hope that the entire political class and civil society will set aside narrow sectional interests and agenda to help us all reach the end that we all desire making India a demonstrably better and safe place for women to live in,”
We join hands in prayer for the departed soul and for strength of her family to bear the loss .If you believe in the Law of Karma which is a basic Hindu and Buddhist  principle this soul has had the prayers of million of Indians and those outside India and those prayers will not go in vain as the Almighty is kind gracious and compassionate. There is life after death so may   her “ NEXT LIFE”  be a glorious one. She died in dignity as a brave young woman and may she be the instrument that will change lives for  the betterment  of  women in India and be a source of encouragement to reform RAPE LAWS AND ITS PENALTIES IN MOTHER INDIA. May the ancient wisdom of the Vedic  Hindu Scriptures and  the Scriptures of all other religions of the world that co exist in India be inscribed in our hearts  bringing positive changes to the  Indian society at large  as a tribute to the passing of the  Brave Delhi Gang rape Victim.