Poem on Self Love by Brindha Venkataramani

Me and my Self

Born together

Live together

Yes! together

Yet separate

Constantly chasing after

That perfect house

That perfect car

That perfect partner

That perfect life

That perfection itself

We constantly ignore our Self

Instead of expecting perfection

From others and oneself

Start appreciating your Self 

For who you really are

How do you know

Who you are ?

Get rid of those layers

Of pretentiousness

Of self-doubts

What remains is you

We can’t fake it

till we make it

We have to remove

What we fake

To reveal

Who we are

You can get

what you don’t have

Can you give

What you don’t have?

When you don’t Love your Self

What is there to give ?

When you know

You are that Self

Love is in abundance

In fact you become Love

Nothing more to give

Or receive

– mySelf (Brindha Venkataramani)

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