Marabu – The First Ripple by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy on 15 Nov to 17 Nov 2019


Bhaskar’s Arts Academy’s dance-theatre production Marabu – The First Ripple will be showcased on 15 Nov to 17 Nov 2019 at Esplanade Theatre Studio.

Presented as the first chapter of a trilogy, the dance-theatre performance is set in the zenith of the Srivijayan empire and traces the passage of the Indian community from India to the Malay peninsula. The series intends to capture pertinent moments of the Singapore Indian community and their shared history with other communities. Created specially for Singapore’s bicentennial celebrations, the work will be presented as part of Esplanade’s Kalaa Utsavam 2019 and sees veteran artist and Cultural Medallion recipient Santha Bhaskar teaming up with co-choreographer Ajith Bhaskar and theatre director G Selva.

Marabu – The First Ripple features performers from Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, Suvarna Fine Arts (Malaysia), Avant Theatre and Gamelan Singamurti. English surtitles available.

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