One of the most reputed social awards of Malayalee diaspora, Pravasi Express invites nominations for 2019 Annual Awards

PravasiExpress Awards were introduced in 2013 for appreciating personalities for their outstanding contributions to the society and the meritorious endeavor in their chosen field or profession. The awards are presented once a year at a public ceremony that highlights the exceptional accomplishments of the Malayalee diaspora and community champions.

Pravasi Express requests your cooperation in nominating candidates for the next edition of prestigious Pravasi Express Awards.

Please send us your nominations by mail or email, by filling out the form before May 31, 2019. All nominations must include the names of the person or groups of persons who you feel deserve the award, the category they are nominated for and a written text of not less than 200 words for the reasons for their nomination. Please note that the achievements must have taken place during last 10 years and have had a positive impact on the community or their course of work had made a significant change in the society during the years.

Here follow the categories:

PE Life Time Achievement Award: Award presented to recognize an individual for his/her exceptional services to the community, who over the course of his/her career has made an exemplary contribution to the society.

PE Malayalee Ratna Award: Award given to Eminence in one’s filed or outstanding work which has enhanced prestige of Malayalee diaspora

PE Social Excellence Award: Any volunteer or group of volunteers who have contributed, by their hard work and commitment, to the improvement of Malayalee diaspora’s quality of life. This award is to recognise the important role the individual/or the group play in making a positive difference to people, and community through dedicated services.

PE Business Excellence Award: Award given to a person/group who has contributed to the improvement of the economic status by offering new or improved services and/or products. They also should have demonstrated excellence in their field of business and has shown courage, foresight & determination which have created and sustained successful, growing business ventures.

PE Arts & Culture Excellence Award: Award to appreciate talents in both performing and fine arts. This award also covers people/ organisations who are entertaining/encouraging cultural talents.

PE Literary Award: Presented in recognition for an everlasting or a lauded literary piece of work. This award is normally presented to the author

PE Vanitha Rathnam Award: Presented in recognition of women who have made stellar contributions in various fields

PE Young Entrepreneur Award: An Accolade for encouraging an aspiring entrepreneur who have established and sustained a successful business, while making a social contribution in a significant part of their business philosophy.

PE Media Excellence Award: Award given to a person or group in recognition of outstanding contributions, services and accomplishments in Journalism. Inviting nominations from Visual Media, Print and Online Media.

PE Youth Icon of the Year: This award is determined by popular votes from the pool of celebrities, sport-stars or socialites. Live audience, celebrities, and fans would view a biographical work depicting the career of chosen icon nominees and the winner is chosen by percentage of votes from the public voting, audience and a panel of judges. Public voting expected to start on this category from Third week of June 2019.

Past Awards:

Download nomination form here : PE_Awards2019

Email the filled nomination form to : [email protected]