Singapore Holi images


Scroll on to view few beautiful images of Singapore Holi Celebration “Rang de Holi”, organised by GsvTek, supported by Pravasi Express. The beach Holi party turned out be the biggest ever Holi celebration in Singapore.

The images are captured by Nibinz Photography

Revellers smeared in coloured powder pose for a picture at Rang de Holi, Singapore


With love heart ..  A couple enjoying Holi celebrations in Singapore


A newly married couple pose for the camera at Holi Celebrations in Singapore.


MP for Sembawang GRC, Vikram Nair Joins the celebration at Rang de Holi


Two revellers cover each other with coloured powder during Holi festival in Singapore


Crowd smeared in coloured powder and water pose for a picture during Holi celebration


Celebrators at Holi celebrations


Attendees smeared with coloured powder, enjoying the water sprays at Rang de Holi Singapore


Two men smeared in colour pose for a picture during Holi Celebration


Beyond boundariesyes.. Partygoers from different nationalities enjoying Holi celebrations


Group of revellers from different nationalities poses for camera at Holi


Excited partygoers at Holi festival in Singapore

More photos at : Nibinz Photography

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