Suchitthra Vasu’s latest book “The Divine Awakening and Miracles” published.


Suchitthra Vasu, Internationally renowned author, has just published a book entitled.”The Divine Awakening and Miracles.” This is a very uplifiting journey of Shreiyaa, the heroine in the book, from darkeness to light.On the road less traveled, filling her life with good deeds and prayers she turns her life into something meaningful and highly inspiring. A motivational book for one and all, her faith in God and guidance from eminent divine masters and Gurus such as Dalai Lama gives her a full and happy life. Worth reading, there are soulful lessons in this book on how to harness the best and most out of life even if you have made mistakes in the past. She has harvested a full life of blessings now. A complete transformation of her life from pain and anguish to a treasure trove of happiness.

The book is Published by Partriddge Publishers, and the book is available on Amazon and in major bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia.