Watch Shilpa Krishnan’s film DOTS…


Singapore-based filmmaker Shilpa Krishnan Shukla’s latest movie DOTS – the first feature film fully made remotely and released during the lockdown is now available on youtube.. It is about 10 emotionally vulnerable and isolated people connecting over an imaginary app called ‘DOTS’.

DOTS’ has a multi-lingual ensemble cast featuring Ahaana Krishna, Aishwariya Kumar, Aparna Pradeep, Lalit Prabhakar, Parna Pethe, Raaghav Ranganathan, Sai Pogaru, Saran Jith, Shishir Sharma and Suman Nagarkar.

DOTS’ is published on Shilpa Krishnan’s Channel which also features all her previous films including the world’s first anthology in 8 languages Kathaah@8 (2019) and the NETPAC award nominated Tashi (2018).

Watch DOTS’ here