Bhaskar’s Arts Academy’s Sangeetha Sagaram on 18 Mar 2018


Bhaskar’s Arts Academy’s upcoming production Sangeetha Sagaram is set to up the ante in the Carnatic music realm.

Presented by Swathi Orchestra (BAA’s Youth Orchestra), Sangeetha Sagaram has been in the works for the past seven months. And it will be the orchestra’s most challenging repertoire yet!

“Some of the pieces being presented are considered tough even by professional artistes. So, I’m really proud of these young artistes. It is their determination and dedication that has gotten them this far,” says conductor and trainer Ms Arasakumari Nagaradjane.
Following the format of a traditional Carnatic music katcheri (repertoire), Sangeetha Sagaram starts with a Varnam and ends with a Thillana and showcases a variety of raagas (melody) and thalaas (rhythm) in between.

“Although learning the pieces was a challenge, and juggling school and the orchestra wasn’t easy, I’m glad I persevered. I realise now that the experience has allowed me to grow as a musician,” says 17-year-old Logindran Govindarasu, who plays the flute. Bhaskar’s Arts Academy invites you to the one-night only premiere of

18 Mar 2018 (Sun), 7.30 pm
Goodman Arts Centre Black Box

About Swathi Orchestra
Named after the birth star of BAA’s founder Mr KP Bhaskar, Swathi Orchestra
was formed in 2015 with the intention of promoting the growth of Carnatic
music in Singapore. Swathi comprises vocalists, flautists, vainikas, violinists and
percussionists, each with at least 10 years of Carnatic music training. Following
Swathi’s inaugural performance Raga Sandhya in Apr 2015, a core group of 13
emerged. The rigour of training that they subsequently underwent led to
Ravikirana Anjali, a performance that wowed the audience in Bhaskareeyam
2017, BAA’s annual Music & Dance Festival. Swathi currently continues to train
under Ms Arasakumari Nagaradjane, and is mentored by BAA’s Music Director
Ghanavenothan Retnam, as well as musicians Ampili Pillai, S Harikrishnan, TK
Arun and TV Sajith.