Gardens by the Bay and East Coast Park to be connected.

Singapore: Gardens by the Bay will be connected to East Coast Park  through a park connector,  in end-2014. This will create the country's longest continuous stretch of coastal parkland – from the island's north-east to south-central Singapore.The far-reaching connector construction works is expected to start in late-2013 and finish in end 2014.
This entire stretch measures over 25 km and over than half the island's length, makes it the country's longest sweep of park space along the coast.
The Eastern Coastal Loop of park connectors is used by residents in Simei, Bedok, Tampines and Pasir Ris, among other estates, access East Coast Park on bicycle or on foot. When the park is joined to Gardens by the Bay's East section, the people can cycle, stroll, or jog to the attraction without using public roads.
Starting from Changi Beach Park, they can cycle through the Coastal Park Connector to East Coast Park, and head to the Bay East Garden of Gardens by the Bay via the new link.
Associate Professor Tan Puay Yok of the Architecture Department at the School of Design and Environment with the National University of Singapore, said: "The terrain itself is not very challenging, I think it's a fairly easy site to work with. And the fact that Singapore has already a fairly large, extensive network of park connectors, means that the design intention, design considerations could be followed for this site."
Joining the both green areas also opens up the new routes for year around runs taking place in the island.
The National Parks Board's long term goal is to link up the whole of the island, through the  Singapore wide park connector network.