Prabhas-The happening star of Indian cinema


After giving multiple hits in Telugu, Prabhas mesmerized entire cinema fans through his astounding acting in Baahubali.

Now, the entire world is waiting for Baahubali 2 directed by SS Rajamouli, who is master of creating expansive movies with his Midas touch. Prabhas has lived the character in Baahubali which tends to be the life of this movie.

Usually actors would like finish of their committed movie within a year and will look out to start their next project. Unlike other actors, Prabhas worked hard for nearly four years to maintain two kinds of body type for both his characters in Baahubali. Prabhas has worked really hard which emphasizes his passion towards acting and love towards his fans.

Prabhas Fitness Trainer Laksman Reddy told, “For one of the characters in the movie he had to bulk up while for another one he had to go lean. He was working out like a nonstop machine. Despite heavy shoot timetable, he never skipped his workouts. We can clearly see that all the hard work is paying off. Prabhas’s dedication and passion is really amazing and inspiring”.

Baahubali fever is not just sticked with Kollywood and Tollywood, its spread over in Bollywood as well. Baahubali’s Director of Photography (DOP) K K Senthil Kumar while talking about film’s lead star, he said, “He is today the biggest star of India. He is bigger than Khans. His film today will be probably the first film to cross Rs 1000 crore and I am so proud to be associated with him. Such a humble man he is.”